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Made by JaonHaxJaonHax

Example of usage

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

Now testing messages.

Wow, really?
That's so cool!
And is this a multiline message?

You really think so?
That's great!
Yup, that has multiple lines!

Thanks, JaonHax!
Wait, did I break its scrolling ability somehow?

I think you did.

Ah, well.
I guess JaonHax will just have to make sure that this thing has an infinite maximum height, huh?

Yeah, I guess so.
Anyway, we should probably let the awesome individual who's reading this move on with their day.

Bye, Awesome Person!

Yeah, bye!

How to use this

So, you want to use my stuff, huh? Well first off, you'll want to include this component right at the top of your page after any themes you have (works on any wiki):

[[include :scp-wiki:component:text-style]]

Then, you'll want to put this in where you want this text. This can even be done multiple times in a single page:

[[div class="text-container-wrap"]]
+++ Your Sender's Name Here
[[div class="text-container"]]

[!-- Remember this spot --]


Make sure to replace "Your Sender's Name Here" with the name you want at the top—or none at all! If you don't include the name in your code, the text message box will automatically adjust to it not being there! It will also automatically adjust in height no matter what size header you put there!

Now, that spot I told you to remember not even 5 seconds ago? You're going to put all the texts you want there. Here's how to do that (replace "sent/recv" with "sent" or "recv" based on whether or not you want the texts to be sent or received texts):

For a single text:

[[div class="sent/recv"]]
[[span class="text"]]I'm all alone...[[/span]]

For a multi-line text:

[[div class="sent/recv"]]
[[span class="text"]]I am _
a multi-line _

For a set of attached texts:

[[div class="sent/recv"]]
[[span class="text"]]This is a set[[/span]]
[[span class="text"]]Of attached texts![[/span]]

For a set of texts that aren't attached (but from the same person):

[[div class="sent/recv"]]
[[span class="text"]]This is a set[[/span]]
[[div class="sent/recv"]]
[[span class="text"]]Of unattached texts![[/span]]

For this one, you just kinda have to make sure you change both sent/recvs to the same value so they're from the same person.

And there you go! You now know how to use this! Now go out and make cool things with it!

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