The Credit-Module was made by C-takeC-take, physicslikephysicslike, sinazugawasinazugawa and Nanimono DemonaiNanimono Demonai, and improved by Dr DevanDr Devan and Boyu12Boyu12, for the Japanese branch, and was adapted for INT by Dr_GromDr_Grom.


This code is used instead of the rating module.

[[include credit:start]]
**Article:** SCP-XXX - TITLE
**Author:** [[*user AUTHOR]]
**Translator:** [[*user YOU (SUPPOSEDLY)]]
**Image:** Credits of the image(s) with license
[[include credit:otherwise]]
Further optional Credits shown in a new window. If they are not to be used, "[[include credit:otherwise]]" is to be left out.
[[include credit:end]]

Articles without rating module use the following instead of the above [[include..]]:
[[include credit:start-standalone]]
[[include credit:otherwise-standalone]]
[[include credit:end-standalone]]

Note: In the preview of the page the module is not shown correctly, until the page is saved with the module for the first time. This is normal.


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