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Speed Demon

Written by A Random Day

The first rule of witches — they're all bitches.

Rukmini "the Rookie" Mahakali is the Chicago Specter's beating heart, a veritable wraith who injects herself with dead demon to wreak havoc across the criminal underworld. Her secret is her magic heart, stolen out of her ex-girlfriend's chest during a lovers' quarrel.

So when the Rookie's ex steals into her new dimension to take it back, pumping blood through her body becomes the least of her worries.

(Description by UraniumEmpire)

Up 'n' Coming


But those toilets sparked something new, and now it's everywhere. They are everywhere. It's a terrifying thought, really, that the luxury goods sitting in your house or facility might be spying on you, or planning to attack at any given moment, or just ready to explode.

I can't say I'm glad to have you, seeing as the circumstances are so dire, but welcome to the team.

Chronicles of the Irreal

To all available and willing Delta-T personnel out there: during our universe's test of multiverse-traversing technology, a critical failure has occurred, resulting in drastic damage to local and multiversal reality.

Consequently, a total of three of our local personnel — two biological and one digital — have become stranded across the Multiversal Compass.

May the Irreal forgive us for our mistakes.

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Top Picks


Antimemetics Division

No, this is not your first day.
Memories are a fickle thing, but this series is anything but forgettable. A quintessential Foundation reading experience by qntm.


Black Autumn II: Rise Of the Pit Sloth

Soon, the lights dim, and the movie begins.
Stories become real in Sloth's Pit, Wisconsin, and there's a new tale in town. Site-87's second-darkest October is a brilliant bright spot of character-driven horror and humour.


The Stars Do Not Wait For You

It's quiet out here.
A hauntingly beautiful exploration of a world at the end of nothing, by Dmatix.


Et Tam Deum Petivi

Alone, the light was too weak to face the darkness.
Mary-Ann and Salah learn more about the anomalous world and each other in this heartwarming series about love in the time of religious conflicts, both external and internal.


End of Death Season 1

Life's a bitch.
Nobody dies at the end of the world, which is why the world is ending. And Joyce Michaels is stuck in the middle of it.

This first season follows her struggles in navigating her new life of immortality while investigating how this new kind of normalcy came to be.


He knows me almost as well as I know myself.
Someone wants revenge on Nobody, and he'll travel to the ends of the earth to personally enact it. On one hand, his tracking skills are rivaled only by his sheer determination; on the other hand, he may hold the answer to the biggest question on Nobody's mind:

"Who am I?"



Team Bird

Medila help us all.
The birds have won. Wacky, thrilling and occasionally off their rockers, the adventures of the Avian Division will take you to heights unseen.


The Time After Time Password

Your plan is authorized.
Site-43’s counterespionage shenanigans deliver them round the globe. Well-written, engaging and humorous, this colorful cast of characters will surely take the world by storm.



I never thought I'd see that beast again.
The Crocosquid has returned, bigger and badder than ever before. The Foundation goes all out on the gigantic battlefront for the fate of the world.

The Adventures of Siggy and RoboMonkey

"Let's uh… start at the beginning, shall we?"
A story of a witch and a shapeshifter growing up in a hostile world together, meeting perils both monstrous and familiar along the way.



"Hello, Doctor McDoctorate. Your meeting is in seventy-three minutes."
Life is just one big story, and they are the archetypal side-characters. A must-read for fans of adventures, high concepts, and deus ex machina.



Dark Stuff for Sleepless Nights

It's giving me a great reason to write weekly spooOOOOoooky stories.
An anthology of creepypastas, written by the titular DarkStuff.


white space

would you trust us then?
A strange mix of surreal and fantastical, white space explores what it means to live and die a person, and the dissonance inbetween.


Project Thaumiel

Security Will Assist You Shortly.
What happens when SCP-001 takes a turn for the worse? The Foundation brace themselves.


This war isn't glorious.
This tense mystery by Ihp will have you on the edge of your seat until the very end.



Hecatoncheires Cycle

What can we learn from our enemies?
A long-dead visitor from another world, an arrogant puppet master, inhuman cults and monsters and magic and very human heroes collide in this epic action/horror drama.



McDonnell cracked the first of his stack of novels. It would be a long flight to JFK, and the pouch meant he couldn't sleep through it.
A Tom Clancy/Ian Fleming/Robert Ludlum style espionage and intrigue story set in the SCP Foundation in the late 80s.


Portland Vice

You want to put a contract out on skippers? Are you insane?
MTF Tau-51 has been on the trail of an anomalous narcotics manufacturer in Three Portlands for months, but their target is always one step ahead of them.
With little help from the UIU, MTF Commander Damian Creed and Thaumatologist Beatrice Ross take matters into their own hands, only to find the trail leads close to home.

New Age

"They said the D means Disposable."

"Really? Is that what they said it stands for? Heh."

A 100,000 word prison thriller which gets hijacked by a supernatural conspiracy. Follow one person's journey through cells big and small, physical and mental, civilian and Foundation.


No one said anything. No one moved.
After two Foundation personnel are found murdered, a confrontation occurs in a Site-19 elevator, resulting in the death of Dr. Carlson.

Foundation investigators piece together the events leading up to this deadly occurrence from Dr. Carlson's staff, revealing a tangled web of intrigue and deception.

Character Driven


Dancing with Rachael

This, for obvious reasons, is a last resort.
Rachael messes with things beyond herself. This may or may not have worked out for all parties involved.


Take It Away, My Darling

My sweetheart, my… daughter.
Faeowynn Wilson endeavors to tell the story of her father, their family, herself and all the other legacy that he left behind.


The 10th Seraph of Noise has caught its prey.
A gripping start gives way to a heartwarming finish in this breathtaking tale by NatVoltaic.


When Will You Die for the Last Time in My Dreams

In a fucked-up world, people do bad shit, fuck up, do some soul-searching and then more bad shit, with appropriate background music.

Abuse, gore, slurs, suicide, self image issues, homo/transphobia

Death Perception

"It felt like a memory of our mother."
Join MTF Tau-5 "Samsara" on this Halloween adventure, as they set out to write bad fanfiction, join a seance, summon terrible angry spirits, and maybe find out a bit more about themselves.


…Like Clockwork

Eventually, the answer will come for why things are the way they are.
Follow Researcher Talloran as they navigate the thin line between the real and unreal, chaos and order, internal and eternal, and just maybe, claw their way into reconciliation.

Abuse, gore, self-harm, suicide, body horror

Slice of Life


Kiryu Labs

There are 18 rooms total that make up Kiryu Labs.
Slice of life tales centered around an eccentric psychologist Lab Director, his Lancer-trope animal behavior specialist Head Assistant, and an Agent who likes knives. Featuring cameos from a butterfly biologist and a grumpy bearded dragon who lives in the break room.



Penny for Your Thoughts?

And plus you know it's my lucky penny
Quirky and adorable, Penny for Your Thoughts? takes the format of text messaging to convey the appropriate sense of familiarity and comfort.

Content Warning: This Is Still A Foundation Story, After All

— and it was all a matter of which corner of the Foundation you happened to find yourself in.
A story about the trans experience within the veil of the Foundation, by Athenodora.
Discussion of transphobia

Political Fiction



Full of sludge, and muck, and scum.
A gripping depiction of a world gone under and the people within it, by Pedantique.


All the big players in the Cold War make their move. Everyone's one wrong step away from revealing their hands.


In Saffron Sands

Humor is needed to make the drab worth getting through.
Taking the stage of a developing power, In Saffron Sands delves into the nitty gritty of how the anomalous and regular world can reflect, pull on, and intertwine with each other, in the rapidly shifting landscape of India.


Joey Fucknuts

Joey liked learning, which is why he was mayor.
This oddly touching tale series from CadaverCommander will have you smiling the whole way through.

Cack Hard

If anyone has to suffer, it's Mr. Fish.
A stunning piece of cinema and literature, told solely through cackfiction.


Sometimes It's Not Funny

this isn't a time to calm down.
An unforgettable tale of loss, grief, anger, and the price of action by Kinchtheknifeblade.

My Mother's Roses

Mom was a florist, and she loved many flowers.
A simple, thought-provoking journey of a boy and his father surprising Mom for Valentine's Day, by JakdragonX.

Progressive Retrograde

She screamed as they pulled us into the van.
This tale tugs on the heartstrings, no doubt because of its CupidCon origins, and manages to successfully squeeze emotion from a subject that's less touched upon on the SCP wiki - romance.


Tales of Anomalous Items

Pick a single item from the log and make a tale about it.
There's more than meets the eye, even for the little things.

A Memorandum

I don't think I've told him to change the dose.
One of the best examples of subtle storytelling on the site, a must-read by Taffeta.

Breaching Boredom

When was the last time I felt?
Short, tense, impactful, Doctor Fullham packs a punch with this tale.

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