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CSS Include for Wanderers' Library box on Front Page

[[include :scp-wiki:fragment:wl-front-page-box |css=--]]]
[[include :scp-wiki:fragment:wl-front-page-box |div=--]

Classes Included:

  • .library-container - Container box
  • .library - Internal box
  • .library .wl-image - Image Block
  • .library .wl-headers - Headers Block
  • .library .wl-text - Text Block
  • .library .fake-h2 - Mimics H4 Styling from WL
  • .library .fake-h4 - Mimics H2 Styling from WL

Special Classes Included:

  • .library.contest - Contest Block / Places Image on right for Desktop Sizes


Wanderers' Library Wandercon 2021
↬ The Wanderer's Library ↫
The Wanderer's Library is having its first ever team contest with a simple task: Describe an author who resides in the Library, and show us what works they've created! Sign ups end August 13th! Click for more information.

Wanderers' Library
Official Sister Site
↬ The Wanderer's Library ↫
The Wanderer's Library is the Foundation's sister site and features the endless fantastical stories contained within the Library, home to the Serpents Hand and readers of all shapes and sizes. Stories should inspire Wonder - a sense that there is a larger world beyond the one we know.

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