Scp 4223-"snow"

Item #:SCP-4223

Object Class:Keter

Special Containment Procedures:SCP-4223 contain in a room 30x30 meters.The room must be below 20 degrees and have snow and ice.Inside the room there is a snow house of 15x15 size. Inside there is a small campfire and a small snow house made of iron.

Description:SCP-4223 is a 13-year-old 1.6-meter-tall boy wearing a white hoodie and wearing black pants, his hair color is white.His left hand was "deformed" with a larger left arm than a double right arm and left hand made of ice and could turn into any kind of weapons.His right hand is like a normal person but it has the ability to touch the temperature and reduce its temperature as he like and he can freeze someone in radius of 1 kilometer.In addition, on top of his head is a white snow cloud.there is no property on the left side of SCP-4223 on the left.SCP-4223 has SCP-4223-2-a and SCP-4223-b.SCP-4223-2-a, which is a real tgeer that looks like a dragon and is white.SCP-4223- b is a white wolf.Blood tests of SCP-4223 show that it has 40% ice, 40% snow and human cobf.When he die,he can live again by using snow or ice in 1km
Addendum 4223: Discovery
SCP-4223 was found when it was fleeing the FBI

Iiewnterver: Dr. Raymond Hamm, Site-85

Interviewee: SCP-4223

Dr. Hamm: Hello, SCP-4423

SCP-4423: hi, can you tell me what you are doing here?

Dr. Hamm: Well, I'm here to be interviewed today, is that alright?

SCP-4423: okay!

Dr. Hamm: So what's your name

SCP-4423: I call you as I am now or call you snow. Dr. Hamm: Okay snow, where do you live?

scp-4223: in the south pole.

Dr. Hamm: Why do you live in the South Pole?

SCP-4423: I made from ice and snow

SCP-4223:im done


SCP-4223 is also very good at medicine too.He have cure some people and they better after the cure.

Iiewnterver:Dr.Bright from Site-16.

Interviewee: SCP-4223


Dr.Bright:hello snow

SCP-4223:hello,you are the new doctor?

Dr.Bright:yes,i am

SCP-4223:so what are me talking today doc?

Dr.Bright:today is about SCP-4240

SCP-4223:who is that?

Dr.Bright:she say you is her brother

SCP-4223:oh…what her name?

Dr.Bright:it fire

SCP-4223:that helpful,i haven't see my sis for a long time

Dr.Bright:how long is it?

SCP-4223:i don't know,maybe for a thousand years



Dr.Bright:do you remember anything about ur family story?

SCP-4223:no,i know her in my birthday dream.Just that,and now im out.Im sick of this place.



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