Scp 4240-"fire"


Object class:KETER Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:SCP-4240 containment in a 15X15 meters room.In the room is have alot of fire and normal furniture.

Description:SCP-4240 is a 10-years-old-looking girl.She tall 1-meter-tall.Wear a red dress,she seems normal but her eyes is black expect the property,is red.

She made from fire but still can die but she can live again by only using fire.Can control fire,make anything in radium 1km burning.

In the blood test:they see 50% fire and 50% human cobf.

Addendum 4240:Disovery
SCP-4240 was found when she is buring a house.someone has see that have to ███.

Interviewer: Dr.Bright, Site-85



Dr.Bright:hello SCP-4240

SCP-4240:hello doctor

Dr.Bright:can we talk?

SCP-4240:ok doc

Dr.Bright:so what your name?

SCP-4240:you can call me like now.

Dr. Hamm:ok…do you have family?

SCP-4240:used to

Dr.Bright:do you remember anyone?

SCP-4240:only my brother


SCP-4240:someone in number 4223

Dr.Bright:you mean "snow"?


Dr.Bright:thank you for the support.It end for today.

SCP-4240:bye doc


SCP-4240 is good in physical.

SCP-4240 has say her name is fire

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