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Theme Colors

Ship Gray--gray-monochrome#424248
Sinful Scarlet--medium-accent#99081a
Filthy Leather--dark-accent#450009


Undervegas, Baby


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Để thêm theme Việt Hóa vào bài viết của bạn, thêm đoạn lệnh sau:

[[include :scp-vn:theme:highroller]]

Note: This is a Black Highlighter based theme. You will need to import the Black Highlighter theme as well in order to use this theme. To learn more go here.

On any wiki:

[[include :scp-vn:theme:black-highlighter-theme]]
[[include :scp-vn:theme:highroller]]


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The Header and Title font is Playfair Display.
The Body font is Ysabeau Office.
The Monospace font used is Recurisve.

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